Scanning your albums into Spotify.

We love Spotify, but we figured getting your album collection into Spotify can be a pain in the ass. That’s why we created Covify. With Covify, you can scan your entire album collection into Spotify without any hassle.

The idea came to life the weekend before The Next Web Hack Battle 2012. We developed Covify at the battle, which was held the 25th and 26th of April in Amsterdam.

We built it:

Robert van Hoesel
Robert founded Youngwave, Embassy of Brands and owns Coolfools. In his spare time, he's a graphic designer and developer as well. He can't fly though. We think.

Melvin van den Bout
Melvin is the founder of, a company that develops iPhone-, iPad- and Android-apps.

Robin van Wijngaarden
Robin founded Webspecialty and is currently studying Computer Science. He loves digital media, marketing and startups.

Jeroen Riemens
Jeroen is the founder of Zeative, director at *Bliep and editor of a variety of blogs. Drinks, pours and lives coffee. No seriously, it's crazy.

Special thanks to:

The Next Web
The Next Web invited us to join The Next Web Kings of Code Hack Battle 2012, where the project came alive.

IQ Engines
IQ Engines has let us use their album cover database, extended the visual scans and gave us great support.

Covify uses the Spotify API, and we’d like to thank Spotify (especially Andrew) for helping us create Covify.

Craig Latta (Netjam)
Craig helped us out doing the voiceover for our video. Thanks and credits to this awesome guy. Don't forget to check out his projects here.

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